My favorite time of the day.

You know what my favorite time of the day is?  It is the instant that I get home from work.  But for reasons that are probably different from what you would expect.  It is not because I don’t like my job.  Quite the opposite really.  I like my job a whole lot. So, why the sweet bliss when I get home?

Because Madi screams the whole way home.  She is just not a fan of being in her car seat.  It is about a 20 minute drive from work to home.  20 minutes of top-of-your-lungs, stop breathing kind of screams.  20 minutes of torture.  The second I get home, I take her out of her car seat and the tears instantly stop.  Ah. Sweet Relief.  And that is why my favorite part of the day is the second I get home.

Also, when I get home, Madi and I start the going to bed process.  See, I don’t get home from work until about 8:30 so we are both getting pretty tired by then.  I get Madi fed, changed into pj’s, swaddled, and start the process of going to sleep.

She’s been a lot better about going to sleep lately.  There are far less tears…from both of us.  Every once in a while, she does still have a hard time.  On those nights, music is the way to go. My mom purchased her a baby music dvd that is a life-saver.  I am not kidding when I say that she instantly calms down when I turn that on.  I turn it up loud enough to be heard over her tears and BAM! the tears stop.  She doesn’t fall asleep right away.  In fact, most of the time she stays awake until the last song.  But that half hour I spend holding her and singing to her come in a close second in the race for favorite time of the day.

2 days ago, I turned that dvd on, held her close, and sang along.  You have to understand that when I sing along, I really sing TO her.  There is a whole lot of eye contact during this time of day.  So, I was singing away (SIDE NOTE: Thank God babies are non-discriminating when it comes to the ability to carry a tune!), Madi was looking right into my eyes, she smiled at me, and then went right to sleep.  I know that sounds cheesy but I swear, that is exactly what happened.  And I swear that my reaction was fear! Haha…maybe not fear exactly, but it did make me a bit nervous.  Here is this little person. Uncorrupted, beautiful, innocent little baby who completely relies on me.  It was the first time I really thought about that fact that I am not just responsible for feeding her, bathing her, changing her, keeping her safe, etc. but I am also responsible for the person she will one day become.  Oh man…please don’t let me screw this up.

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One Response to My favorite time of the day.

  1. heyjill444 says:

    Oh God…..please help Jill know she is not alone as she shapes and molds precious Madi’s life.

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