No regrets

If things had gone differently, this week would be one that I would have dreaded and hated.

This is the week that, if things had gone differently, I would have returned to work.  This is the week that Madi would have started daycare.

If I had not had any complications during pregnancy, I would most likely still be at my former job.  I would have taken my 6 weeks of maternity leave and then gone back to my job yesterday.  I would have gone back to a job where I didn’t get home until 9pm three nights a week.  You see, I did home visits with clients with TBI, so I often had to wait until they got home from work or school to do my visits.  I also served the whole eastern part of Michigan.  So in order to fit every one in, and with all the travel time, it was frequently 9pm before I got home.

As it is, I have been back to work for 2 weeks at my new job.  And Madi comes with me.  I love having her with me.  In fact, the longest we’ve been apart is about 2 hours…and that felt like a long time!

Taking this new job means a huge pay cut for me.  But it also means being there for all the firsts.  The first smile (yup…that happened a week or so again…melt my heart), the first step, the first word, etc.

Thank goodness that things didn’t happen differently. 🙂

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