My baby is 2 months old.



Dear Madi,

You are two months old today. The two best months ever. My life is so much different now that you are here, but I could not imagine it any other way.

It has been another busy month that has just flown by. We went back to work this month. You got to start hanging out with some pretty awesome little boys who are head over heels for you. The youngest one tells me all the time “Miss Jill, I love your baby.” They are constantly asking me if you are awake or asleep. When I say awake, I often hear “Oh no” in response. I have to keep reminding them that it is ok for you to be awake. 🙂

You have already developed a musical preference. You absolutely love Jewel’s version of Brahms’s Lullaby and it is almost guaranteed to calm you down. The boys call it “the night time music” and they have started to sing it to you when you get upset. Love it.

You have always been a very alert baby but you are starting to spend a lot more time awake and you are starting to get on a pretty predictable schedule. You tend to wake up around 10:30 or 11 in the mornings. You are up for little snippets of time before then, but that is when you are up for real. We leave for work at 11:40. You then often nap at work around 2-4. Then the older boys get home and it is a little harder for you to nap since the noise level increases exponentially. 🙂 You catch little bits of sleep, but for the most part you are awake. We go home from work around 8 and you usually fall asleep on the way home. Not long after we get home, you wake up and we spend a few hours of awesome time together. We often go in and sit in Grammy’s room (she just had knee surgery, so that’s the most comfortable place for her) and you smile and coo at us and I tell you all about our day. Then, around 9:45, I get you in your jammies and get you swaddled and fed one last time. You are generally in bed by 10:30.

That leads me to the area in which you have changed the most. You no longer require being held to sleep. You sleep in your pack-n-play in my room (your crib had a few defective parts and we just got the replacement parts in the mail yesterday…so we can finally transition you to the crib this weekend). You are such a good sleeper. You generally sleep straight from 10:30 until 3. You are awake for about 15 minutes at 3. Then you sleep until 6 and are generally up for a half hour at 6. After that, you are up every hour and a half or so until you get up for real around 10:30. I feel incredibly blessed because I actually feel pretty rested most days.

You have also gotten much more used to your car seat. For the first several weeks of work, you would scream all the way out to work and back. Not just cry. No, scream. As in…I’m so mad I forget to breathe kind of scream. But in the last few weeks you have gotten so much better. You often just fall asleep in the car.

I also have discovered that you love your vibrating bouncy seat. In fact, I just bought you one a couple of weeks ago. You are still not a fan of the swing, but you will sit in your bouncy seat for a good long while and be perfectly content. It has made meal preparation much easier. The hardest point is reminding the boys that it doesn’t need to be turned on when you aren’t in it. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong though, you still prefer to be held. And let’s be honest, I absolutely love to hold you. You make great eye contact…ok, some might call it staring. When I hold you, you tend to stare right into my eyes. And well….I stare right back. You have the most mesmerizing eyes. They are brown…but they are very unique. They are a lighter brown and sometimes, when the light hits them just right, they still look blue. Often times, when other people are holding you, they tell you “you have the most beautiful eyes.”

You also got your first dose of medicine this month. Turns out you have thrush. No big deal, just a simple anti-fungal medicine. But the way you eat that up, I would swear they put some sort of something special in it. Yesterday, you were not a happy camper but I put that medicine dropper in your mouth and you jus calmed right down and started sucking away.

You also experienced your first snow yesterday. You were not impressed. In fact, I got you all bundled up, took you outside, and you fell right asleep. Oh well,,,I wasn’t impressed either. I am sure that in a few years your reaction will be more like the boys and I will have to almost drag you inside when it starts to get dark out.

You love your bath time. You also tend to stare at me during this time. I love bath time as it is also a special time of just the two of us where I can talk to you and you smile at me. Plus, you look absolutely adorable in your little hooded froggy towel.

You have also started to really enjoy your stroller. Initially you weren’t sure but we got a stretch of really nice weather and we spent several days at the park with the youngest of the boys and you got used to the stroller and started to really enjoy it. I still use your carrier pretty much exclusively when we are out and about as I think the stroller can be a bit of a pain, but I do enjoy a nice long walk pushing you in your stroller. As the weather turns colder we won’t be able to do that as much. We may have to become mall walkers. 🙂

You had your first Halloween as well. I wasn’t going to even dress you up, but the boys spent a lot of time talking about their costumes and subsequently what you were going to be. So…I caved and bought you a pea pod costume and oh my word did you look adorable. We didn’t go trick-or-treating or anything…that seemed awfully silly since you clearly would not have been eating any of the candy. But I can’t wait to take you in the future. And you better believe I am going to raid your stash. haha.

My all time favorite thing that you are doing now though is trying to stand. You are so stinking strong. I hold you at your waste and you just work so hard to keep yourself upright. Your arms stick out, you grunt and grown, and you get all bug-eyed. It is hilarious but you absolutely love it. i am going to try to get some video of it today…this is something I always want to remember.

It has been a big month. A fast month. A fun month. I am sure the next two months will fly by with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I look forward to all the adventures and craziness to come.

I love you all the way to the moon…and back.


Max, Aunt Rachel, and Madi

1st bottle

Precious gift from her “cousin” Hayden

Totally unimpressed by 1st snow

Ready for the Michigan winter

Chillin in her bouncy

Smiling for Grammy


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