Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it is officially Thanksgiving. Why am I still up?!?! I have gotten in to a horrible habit lately of staying up WAY too late. I don’t think that I have been to bed before 1:30am this week.  Now, for those of you non-baby having people that might now seem like a big deal. But here’s the problem…Madi wakes up for the first time at about 2.  Not smart Jill, not smart.  I have been spending a lot of that time working on Christmas gifts but tonight I thought I might spend some time contemplating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  To me, Thanksgiving is full of tradition and family without the stress of gifts, money to buy gifts, etc. (I am sure that I will write about that later).  I really like the time spent in the kitchen preparing the meal.  I certainly enjoy the eating part.  I used to like the Thanksgiving Day parade.  But I wouldn’t even call it a parade anymore…now it’s just a bunch of semi-famous people lip-synching…blech. But I digress.  I love lazing around in a food coma and playing games.  I absolutely love family time.

A lot of my facebook friends have been writing something that they are thankful for each day in November.  I am not organized enough to do anything every day for a month.  So..I just figure that I will write a list here. 🙂  I am going to try to focus on things that I have been particularly thankful for in the last year as opposed to generic things. Some of these things may seem generic and cliche…but I really am thankful for them this year more than ever.

1. Family.  For a large part of this year, I was completely dependent on other people.  I was to be in bed and doing nothing for months on end.  I am so incredibly thankful for family that I could depend on.  All my needs were met and more.  And because of the help of my mom, my sister, etc. I was able to stay relatively stress-free during my pregnancy and have a happy, healthy little munchkin.

2. A home.  I am incredibly thankful that my mom has allowed me to invade her home and stay with her.  When I went on bedrest, I had to give up my apartment as I no longer had any income to pay the rent.  My mom allowed me to store all my crap in her basement and stay in her guest room.  She is not a dog person but she has put up with my dog.  She is organized, I am scattered and leave my stuff all over.  Madi’s crib has now taken over the dining room.  I am sure it drives her crazy but she doesn’t say a word.  I am so thankful.

3. A job.  I will never regret quitting a higher paying job in order to be with Madi.  I love that I get to be there for every smile, every first, etc.  Not to mention that I love those little monkeys that I get to go hang out with every day. 🙂

4.  Garage sales and craigslist. Ha! I can’t believe that I just typed that!  But it’s true.  I have been able to purchase most everything for Madi at garage sales/mom to mom sales/craigslist.  Getting such great deals, I was able to actually purchase most everything that she needed despite not having an income at the time.

5. Netflix. Good gracious did I watch a lot of Netflix while on bed rest.

6. Madi.  Ummm….duh. 🙂

There are so many more things that I am thankful for but I hear the munchkin moving around.  Love.


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