Happy 3 months Madi-cakes

Dear Madi,

Well, I am a little late.  Technically you turned 3 months old yesterday, but we had a very busy day yesterday so I am just getting a chance to write this to you now.

What a great month we have had! It amazes me how much you are growing.

You started sleeping in your crib this month.  Your first night in the crib was November 13.  You were really ready for the move and so was I.  The transition was really pretty smooth.  Your crib is out in Grammy’s dining room. So I hear you when you really wake up but I don’t wake up every time you make a little grunt.  You continue to get better and better at sleeping.  A few times you have only woken up once in the middle of the night, but generally you go to bed at 10 and are up at 2 and 6.  Then you generally wake up for good at 9:30am.

You giggled for the first time on the 16th of November.  So sweet.  You are still pretty stingy with the giggles but you are super super smiley.  Love it.  You are especially smiley in the morning and in the late evening after work.

Towards the end of November, you discovered your hands and feet.  You seriously stare at your hands for a long time.  You also really like to look at your feet if you have jammies with little critters on the feet. 🙂  Today you were looking at your hand and just smiling and smiling.

You have also really been enjoying being under your playmat and in your bouncy or just laying on your back on my bed.  You love to just kick and wave your hands in the air.  It is so cute…plus it allows Mama to get somethings done every once in a while.  I did a lot of work on your Christmas stocking while sitting on the floor next to you while you were in your bouncy seat.

You also had your first Thanksgiving.  We spent the actual Thanksgiving over at Aunt Shirley’s house.  There were lots of people there and we ate right at your normal napping time so you were a little bit cranky and tired but it was fine. 🙂  I just held you while Grammy ate and then Grammy held you while I ate.  Then we ate at Grammy’s house on Saturday. So you saw a lot of people that weekend. Aunt Shirley, Uncle Mike, Dustin, Dani, Kathy, Wendy, Kyra, Uncle Eric, Aunt Cindy, Elizabeth, Uncle Darren, Aunt Crystal, Aunt Rachel, Max, Uncle Gary, Aunt Alana, Ethan, Grammy, Daddy, Nana, Pawpaw, Trena, Ruby, Dave, Joe, Jaylin, Jayveon, Zoey, DJ, and I am sure some other people but I am tired and can’t think of them right now.  It was a really busy time.

Madi in her Thanksgiving dress

You also had your two month check-up this month.  We went to see the doctor on November 13.  You weighed in at 12lbs 7.5 ounces and measured 23.25 inches.  That puts you right in the 65th percentile.  The doctor also said that you have a plugged tear duct so Mama has to massage your eye 3-4 times a day.  I try to do it whenever you eat because I am pretty sure that I could do almost anything while you nurse and you wouldn’t care.  I must admit, I do pick at you a lot while you eat.  You get tons of little fuzz in between your fingers (I think it’s from being swaddled) and I pick it all out while you eat.

I got a little off topic there…back to your doctor’s appointment.  You were supposed to get your first round of vaccines at that appointment but when we got there, you weren’t able to get them because the fridge had lost power over night so they had to throw out the vaccines.  We go back this week to get your shots.  Let me tell you, I am most definitely NOT looking forward to that!  I made sure to make the appointment for when Daddy could come so that he can help soothe me while I soothe you. 🙂

Anyway, Mommy needs to go to sleep while you are asleep.

I love you right up to the moon…and back.


and now for the pictures…everyone’s favorite part.

in the extra special outfit that Grammy bought you sooooo long ago.

first time in your bumbo seat…tell me how you really feel  about it. Ha!

you LOVE bath time.

Now a whole bunch of pictures from the 3 month photo shoot because I just couldn’t decide.


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