Have yourself a merry little Christmas

I get it.  I finally get how/why parents go overboard for Christmas.  I remember talking about Christmas after Madi was first born and saying that I wasn’t going to get her anything. Maybe I would just wrap up some of the things she already had. Or if there was something that she really needed, I would wrap that up and give it to her. Then I decided I wanted to get her a doll. I spent hours searching stores and websites for the perfect doll.

Well, while scouring etsy, it became clear that I also needed to get her a first Christmas ornament.  Again…hours deciding on the perfect one,

Again, dang you etsy…while looking for ornaments, I saw pictures of little ones in Santa hats. And come on, how cute are little kids in Santa hats? So cute. So, I started making her a Santa hat.  The good news on this was that it takes very little time to make a baby hat.  It probably took more time to find a doll than it did to make the Santa hat.

Then, obviously she needed a stocking.  So….then began the quest to make her a stocking.  After looking for hours to find the right stocking kit, I finally ordered one online and then underwent the huge task of constructing this stocking.  And man oh man was it ever an undertaking.  This thing probably took at least 75 hours to complete.  And if i am being honest, it is still not 100% complete.  I still have to do her name personalization.  But I feel very accomplished. 🙂

Then, while making some blankets for Madi’s siblings and cousins, it seemed only fair that she should get one too.

Then I had some material left over so my mom suggested a doll blanket. So Madi and her sister both got a doll blanket.

Then Kohl’s had the books by the same author as the lady who wrote On the Night You Were Born for their Kohl’s Cares books.  So, I oobviously had to get her two of those.  And then I saw a glow worm at Meijers. I didn’t know they made glow worms any more.  But that is one of the toys that I remember having and absolutely loving as a kid.  So, she got one of those too.

So yeah, I got a little carried away.  I went from thinking I was going to get her maybe one thing to all this.  So I totally understand how this happens.  Plus, add this to the loot that her Daddy, Grammy, Nana and Papa, and all her aunts and uncles got her and she is one spoiled baby. 🙂

As for Christmas Day itself, I didn’t have  a whole lot of expectations.  I figured Madison would sleep through everything…or not really care. I was totally wrong.  She and I woke up at around 8:15…before anyone else in the house was up.  So we spent some time in my room talking and cuddling and watching a documentary about To Kill a Mockingbird (not very Christmasy….I know).  By 9, she was ready for her morning nap.  So…I laid her down and we made and ate monkey bread, started working on lunch.  Then I just waited for her to wake up.  Well, she ended up sleeping until noon! She started waking up just as everyone started arriving.  Gary, Alana, and Ethan had arrived the night before.  But around noon, Rachel, Max, Darren, Crystal, and Madi’s Daddy arrived.

After we ate, we opened presents.  She was totally in to it.  Obviously she didn’t open the presents herself, but she sure loved the result.  Every toy she got, she just stared and stared at it like it was the coolest thing ever.  She really was observant and just sat there calmly the whole time. It was really cool.

After all the gifts were opened and played with for a bit, we headed over to see Daddy’s side of the family for a while.  There was more food, more people, and more gifts.  Madison was able to take a couple of short cat naps there but she was completely exhausted when we left there about 9:30.  By the time we got her home and changed, she pretty much just ate and went to sleep.  It was a busy day!

Then yesterday, the day after Christmas, Rita and Madi’s cousin, Caleb, came over.  So it was another big day! By the end of the day yesterday, she had pretty much had it.  She was exhausted and overwhelmed.  She wanted to be cuddled close and slept a good part of the day.

It really was a magical day surrounded by family and having the newest member of the family around.  Lots of love, lots of laughter.  Couldn’t ask for anything more than that. 🙂

To end…here are some pictures of Madi in her Christmas outfits…yeah, I don’t know how she got so many. 🙂

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