4 months!

Dear Madi,

Another month has flown by.  I have to admit that every month when I write these letters, I get a little nostalgic.  I would say sad, but that’s not quite right.  It’s just that I can’t believe how fast time goes.  I saw a couple with a teeny tiny newborn at the grocery store the other day and couldn’t believe that it was just 4 short months ago that you were that size.  I didn’t realize just how big you had gotten until I saw how little that baby was.  That being said, I am enjoying every minute with you and every milestone that you accomplish.

Every where we go people say how big you are.  Maybe I am biased, but you really don’t seem that big to me.  You are just starting to really grow out of your 3 month clothes.  You little legs are just getting a big too long for them.  If it was summer time, they would make perfect capris. 🙂

One really fun thing that you started doing this month is echoing me.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes you will copy the sounds that I make and we will have a little conversation.  I absolutely love it and it totally cracks me up.  I am also pretty sure that you say “Mama.”  Ok…maybe that’s wishful thinking but sometimes when you are really upset, it sounds exactly like “Mama.”  I am not the only one who has heard it either, Grammy is with me on this one.  Daddy says it’s just a sound so it doesn’t count.  But I will always claim that “Mama” was your first word.

This month also held your first Christmas and your first New Years.  I already posted about what an amazing Christmas we had.  We also had a pretty exciting New Years.  You were zonked out by about 10.  Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Aunt Alana, and Uncle Gary watched the ball drop, toasted with some sparkling juice, and Mommy promptly fell asleep.  Daddy and I rented a couple of movies to watch, but I was asleep while the opening credits were still running. Oops.

You are certainly your Daddy’s daughter in some ways.  You absolutely love the tv.  It doesn’t matter what is on, you just stare.  You also love phones and computer screens. Good thing we aren’t around the tv most of the day or we would have a problem! Below is a picture of you enjoying a teeny bit of tv time.

And cameras.  I can never get a picture of you smiling because the minute that I pull out a camera, you start to study it so intensely!

I literally jumped up and down when I got this picture of you with a grin on your face.

You have also really just started getting in to your toys.  You have a couple of definite favorites.  You have a pink and black and white rattle that you love.  The baby doll that you got in your stocking from Daddy’s side of the family is also a big hit.  It giggles and you hug it close to you every time I put it next to you.  Finally, you LOVE your glowworm.  You seriously crack me up because you try to latch on to the glowworms face every time we play with it.  It is absolutely hilarious.

Unfortunately, you are also currently experiencing your first sickness.  In fact, as I am writing this, you are sleeping in Grammy’s arms and I can hear your snotty breathing.  Poor baby.  Luckily I bought you a great vaporizer at a garage sale last summer so you are still getting pretty good sleep.  I sure hope you get over it soon!

Milestone-wise, you have started switching toys from one hand to another.  It is pretty reliable that if I place a toy in your right hand, you will switch it over to your left.  No surprise since Mommy and Daddy are both left handed.  You are also getting SOOOO close to rolling over. I am pretty sure you will before next month’s letter.

Anyway, for some reason, I always leave these letters until late at night.  So, while Grammy gets up to lay you in your bed, I better wrap this up and go to sleep myself.

I love you right up to the moon… and back.



Sitting in the grocery cart for the first time with lots of help from Grammy.

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