5 months

Dear Madi,

Five wonderful months.  What an amazing month we have had!

Despite the fact that you have been sick most of the month, you have been happy and sweet and awesome.  That stinking ear infection that you started out the month with has just not gone away.  Everything cleared up nicely with your first dose of antibiotics but then about 4 days after you finished your antibiotics, the eye goop appeared again. So…back to the doctor we went.  That ear infection just never really cleared.  Another round of antibiotics for you.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure that things are finally clear, but you seem healthy. 🙂

You also had your 4 month check-up this month.  And man-oh-man are you huge. 🙂  You are almost 26 inches long and 15.5 pounds.  That puts you in the 86th percentile in height and the 71st percentile for weight.  Mommy’s big girl. 🙂  You got some more shots at this appointment but luckily had pretty much no reaction to them this time.

You started rolling over this month.  I was soooo excited to see it the first time!  You and I were playing in bed early one morning and you just flipped on over from your front to back.  Then you just kept rolling over and over that day.  You even showed off for Grammy over Skype.   Then, like 2 days later, you figured out to roll from your back to front.  Like Grammy said “watch out, she is going to be mobile before you know it.”

The biggest highlight of this month though has definitely been our vacation with Aunt Rachel and Max to visit Grammy in Alabama.  It was so awesome.  I had tons of anxiety before we left.  You have never been the greatest passenger in the car and it is 16 hours of drive time to get to Orange Beach.  Well…I had nothing to worry about.  You and Max were both amazing in the car.  But the crazy part was, the whole way down, you didn’t nap at all.  You were so interested in Max and what he was doing.  You seriously stared at him for about 16 hours. 🙂

Grammy was soooooo excited to see you.  It had been so long.  She gave Max a giant hug and then just snatched you out of my arms. haha. That night, you took your first swim which you loved.  And then it was straight to bed with you.

The first day we were there, it was a bit cold and rainy but the first thing we did was take a walk on the beach.  Then we headed out to go shopping!  Of course, after about 2 stores, you were tired.  So Grammy took you and Max to the playground where Max played and you slept.  Mommy and Aunt Jill continued looking for the deals! After every store I would check back in and make sure you were doing well…of course you were! You were with two of your favorite people!  And man did I score some deals! I got you pretty much everything you will need in the next size up from the 99 cent rack at The Children’s Place.  (Which made packing to go back home slightly difficult).  By the time we got done shopping, it was dinner time.  After dinner, we took a quick dip in the pool and then it was bedtime.

Tuesday, was quite a change in the weather and so off to the beach we went! The whole trip down, Max was so excited about getting buried in the sand and having you sit on top of him for a picture…and you were happy to comply.  You also dipped your feet in the Gulf…just your toes because it was awfully cold!  You were hypnotized by the water.  You just stared and stared as the waves flowed in and out.  I really hope that you love the water as much as I do.  I can’t wait to spend some time at Lake Michigan this summer!  After a while, you started to get sleepy…so I swaddled you up right there on the beach and you slept under the umbrella with Grammy.  While you slept, I walked down the beach with Aunt Rachel and Max and went out in the Gulf quite a ways.

Tuesday night, while the rest of us made our own pizza, you got to experience another first.  You had some rice cereal.  And man, you were cracking me up.  You kept dive bombing towards the spoon as I brought it to your face.  You held on to the spoon and got a little cranky if I took it away from your mouth.  I guess the doctor was right, you were definitely ready for some food!  I can’t wait to start introducing you to some new foods. 🙂

Wednesday we did a little more shopping and spent some more time in the pool and at the beach.   Then in the evening, we went out on a boat on a Dolphin Tour.  You had to wear the most giant life jackets which you were not too fond of…but safety first.  We saw some dolphins, some awesome birds, a beautiful sunset and you took a great nap. 🙂

Then Thursday we went over to Pensacola to go to the Naval Air Museum.  Your cousin Max LOVED the museum…he was running from airplane to airplane and just had a great time.  You really loved it too actually.  I had you in your carrier and you were just kicking and waving your arms and drooling and talking the whole time.  I really just think that you had a great time watching your cousin get so excited.

Friday it was time to head back home. 😦  We had such a great time and it was sad to see it end.  And finally, after a week of barely any sleep, you slept for most of the day on the way home.  That is, until our big moment of excitement…your cousin threw up chocolate milk and chicken nuggets all over you…haha.  Luckily you were largely protected by your blankets but you definitely woke up with a deer in the headlights look.  Poor kiddos.  What an adventure.  Luckily the rest of the trip went off without a hitch.

We spent Friday night with Uncle Gary and Aunt Alana and then made it home by about 4 Saturday.  Daddy was at the house waiting for us when we got back and you were so excited to see him! You were full of smiles and kisses for him. 🙂

Such a great trip!

Can’t wait to see what the next month holds for us.

I love you right up to the moon and back.


First time in a high chair

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