6 and 7 months…oops

Dear Madi,

It has been a busy couple of months and I totally forgot to write your 6 month post…and now here you are, 7 months old.  Time has really gotten away from me.  But I am pretty sure you’ll forgive me. 🙂  Hopefully I can remember everything.

We have been super busy the last two months.  Much of that time, we spent working 13 hour days at work since Kelly was on maternity leave.  Maybe that is a decent excuse for not having written this already???

You got some adorable pictures taken for your 6 month birthday.  But of course, my smiley little girl refused to smile during her photo shoot. You were so mesmerized by the camera that you just kind of stared.  But the pictures turned out cute anyway.

You have 2 adorable teeth now.  You have the two bottom teeth and you are cutting your top right tooth.  So cute. It’s hard to get a picture of those adorable teeth…

You have also started crawling in the last few weeks.  And man, once you figured it out, you were off like a champ.  You are just cruising all over the house.  You do a little army crawl which is so hysterical.  You often get your butt way up in the air and then drop it down and army crawl.

You are also sitting up so well.  You don’t need to support yourself with your arms anymore.  You haven’t figured out how to sit up from laying down, but you are trying.  Here are some pictures of you playing with your toy from Aunt Karen wearing the scarf that Aunt Karen made me when I was little.  Yes, it was Grammy’s idea to put you in the scarf even though you were inside.  Personally, I think you look a bit like a pilot.

You also started drinking out of a sippy cup and you quickly became obsessed with it.  For the first few days that you had it, you would cry every time you dropped it.  It seems that you have calmed down about that now. 🙂

I am also so excited for the warmer weather that we are starting to have.  We had a few days of super super warm weather and we spent a lot of time outside.  I also finally got to put you in some of your adorable sun dresses.  I am so excited for summer.

You also started taking baths in a sitting position…not that exciting.  BUT…these pictures are adorable. 🙂

And finally…just a few more of your 7 month pictures.

I am so excited for what the next month has in store.

I love you right up to the moon and back.

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