8 months

Dear Madi,

You turned 8 months old Friday. Such a big girl.  It is seriously crazy how much you have changed. 

Your hair is getting so long.  It really doesn’t look like it because it is so stinking curly.  I love it. 🙂

You also went from 2 teeth to three and a half this month.  You now have two on the bottom, one on the top, and then a second one that is almost out on the other side on the top.  So cute.

You moved out of your infant car sear this month as well.  You were just getting too big for it.  Because you are a little tank. 🙂

Unfortunately, your ear infection issues have continued.  You are such a trooper when you are sick but I just feel so bad for you.  You are currently on antibiotics for your 8th ear infection.  It seems as though once you finish the antibiotics for one, you get another one.  We are waiting on a referral to an ENT.  It looks like some tubes are in your future.

You also stopped sucking your thumb this month.  Randomly one day I just realized that you weren’t doing it anymore.  You also aren’t a huge fan of your pacifier anymore either.  Every once in a while you chew on it but you’ve mostly given that up too. 

You took your first trip to the park this month also.  You loved loved loved the swings.  You just laughed and laughed.  We have gone several times since then and you could seriously swing for hours.

But the most exciting news…you got your own room this month! WooHoo! Finally moved out of the dining room!  We moved in to our own apartment and it is so nice to have a place for all your things. 🙂  You sleep a lot better having your own place.  Plus, I am able to get a few things done while you are asleep. 🙂

You are jetting around like crazy.  You are starting to crawl up on all fours but the army crawl is still so much faster so you tend to do that when something catches your eye.  And man, the things that catch your eye.  Your favorite things tend to be cords, plastic bags, and any kind of paper.  I gotta keep a close eye on you little one! 🙂

You have also become fast friends with Sam this month.  When we first moved in to the new apartment, you were terrified of her.  But after a few days, you two became best buddies.  Now, every night you just want to play with her.  It is too cute. 🙂

You can also pull yourself up to a standing position now.  But I have to be very close by because you sometimes forget to hold on and I have to catch you.

You are getting to be such a big girl!

I love you right up to the moon and back.


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