A Food Journey — Day 3

Madi in poolPhew! What a busy day yesterday was!  I was so beat at the end of the day, I went to bed very shortly after Madi with a promise to myself to update this in the morning.  And it’s morning. 🙂

I started out the day yesterday with a pretty big breakfast.  The biggest change I have noticed so far with the change in my eating habits is that I am hungry when I wake up in the morning.  So much for not being a morning person.  Anyway, after the smoothie debacle of the day before, I just wanted a good old-fashioned egg breakfast.  So, I scrambled up some eggs with a small amount of cheese and a half a zucchini.  With a pear on the side, delicious.  Of course, Madi wouldn’t eat any from her own plate but had half of the eggs off my plate. 🙂

zucchini and eggs with pear

After breakfast, we went to the gym.  It was a cross-train day on my running program so I ended up doing a 15 mile bike ride.

For lunch, I had some of the delicious soup I had made the day before in the crockpot.  Seriously, I cannot recommend that soup enough. 🙂

After Madi’s nap, we spent the entire day playing in the kiddie pool.  This was the first time this summer that we have a) had the time and b) the weather cooperated.  I had lots of ideas of taking Madi all over the place this week while we are on vacation…but the fact that she woke up this morning asking for her swimsuit and standing at the backdoor make me think that a whole lot of kiddie pool time may be more up her alley. 🙂


Anyway, for dinner, I made a Black Rice and Asparagus Salad (http://thehealthyapple.com/2012/07/06/asparagus-raspberry-black-rice-salad/).  This was my first experience with black rice.  It was really good…and it has almost the same amount of protein as quinoa.  I did make a couple of changes to the recipe.  First of all, I didn’t have a fresh lemon for zest, so I just used a few squirts of lemon juice.  Secondly, the recipe calls for raw asparagus.  However, I cooked it so that Madi could chew it a little better.  But the real stars of this recipe were the raspberries.  I never would have thought that rice and raspberries would go together…shows how limited and uncreative I have been.  But man, delicious.  For real.

asparagus and raspberry salad

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