Swim and Sun…and a whole lot of cleaning

The last couple of days of food journeying have been pretty boring.  I have gotten in to a pretty good rhythm of cooking up a big meal and then eating on the leftovers for a good long while.  So, I haven’t tried out any new recipes.  However, if work allows, I am going to try out some roasted zucchini fries tonight.  I will be sure to post how that goes.

Yesterday at work, we all ended up going out to the cottage that the boys go out to during the summer.  It was a ball.  We spent several hours in the water swimming away.  Madi is now completely fearless in the water.  I am glad that I have always put her head under the water from a young age (not in a creepy trying to kill your kid way but rather in a trying to get her used to the water so she doesn’t panic if she goes under water kind of way).  I really think she is going to be an early swimmer.  She has already learned to blow bubbles if her mouth goes under water and she floats on her belly and kicks away.  And yesterday, she slipped under water a couple of times and she just calmly stood right up.  Of course, I was there to help her if she needed it, I am not negligent. 🙂 Anyway, it was a ton of fun.  I am hoping we can spend a lot more time doing that this summer.

The only downfall is that I now have this crazy rash all over my neck and face.  Luckily I seem to be the only one affected but I can’t imagine how else I would have gotten it except for from something out at the cottage.  It is driving me insane!

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